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MAPFRE ASISTENCIA since 1989 over 66 markets, worldwide, Europe, America, Africa, Asia.
An international insurance, reinsurance and services, protecting your interests, worldwide travel insurance.
Best international assistance company ITIJ.
Over 3500 employees, outstanding quality, constant innovation, technology.
2009 over 1330 corporate customers, 74 Million insured, 161 million beneficiaries, financial strength, rating A1.
MAPFRE ASISTENCIA operates in over 66 markets, direct presence in 40 countries.
Provider network, 240 agents in the car sector, over 15000 dealerships, 315000 healthcare providers, 32000 automobile technical services, 120000 mobile units more than 9200 home repair.
Certified ISO 9001 by BVQI, over 1300 corporate clients, tailored integral solutions, breaking barrers, motor solutions, travel & leisure, life & health care, home protection.
Specialty risks, GAP, mechanical breakdown warranty.
Assistance service 24 hours a day 365 days a year, Roadside assistance, Home assistance, Medical assistance, Mediphone, Repatriation, Travel assistance, Travel insurance Schengen.
MAPFRE ASISTENCIA direct presence in 40 countries, Whererver and whenever you need us.
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