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Eugene McGuinness - Blue Jeans (Lana Del Rey Cover) 0    0

Eugene McGuinness - Blue Jeans (Lana Del Rey Cover) Directed by Tim Kelly Eugene McGuinness' forthcoming album 'The Invitation To The Voyage' is out 6th August on Domino Records. www.eugenemcguinne...

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Olympics 2016: Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro 0    0

The countdown continues! 16 days until August 5th, the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics 2016! Today I'll introduce you to Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro. Other videos in this countdown to the Olym...

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Que tiro foi esse? gg! 0    0

O poder da doze, encerrando a partida com um tirinho. -- Watch live at

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Ed Sheeran performing Galway Girl Live (Acoustic Version) 0    0

►Ed Sheeran singing Galway Girl Live Performance at Capital FM from his new Divide album Acoustic. I recently added lyrics (To turn on the lyrics turn on the captions) ►Lyrics She played the fidd...

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My Top 10 Video Game Easter Eggs and Secrets of 2017 0    0

twitter: letterboxd: 2017 was a great year for games, film, entertainment in general. It was pretty terrible for everything else. I hope ...

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Best Video Editing Software and Video Editing Tips 0    0

Best video editing software for YouTube and video editing tips! **** Download the FREE Think Media TV Video Gear Buyer's guide an here: ** Best Free Video Editing Softwa...

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Foggy Kansas Morning Goose Hunting! (Longest Shot of the Sea... 0    0

Foggy morning goose hunting conditions were a bit bad but this longest shot of the season was sweet. GET THE NXT GEN DUX CALL HERE- GET THE EARLY RISER HOODIE HERE-

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SHOOTING 200 Pigeons!!! Kansas Pigeon Hunting 2017 0    0

I decided to change it up from goose hunting and try to kill some pigeons. This was my first time ever hunting pigeons and I am addicted! I have never had so much fun while hunting in my life! If you ...

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8 MAN LIMIT!!! EPIC Goose Hunting in Kansas 2017 0    0

►Get the sickest hunting gear here - By far the best day of goose hunting I have ever experienced! We shot snow geese, specklebelly geese and Canada geese! We decided to ditch...

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Indian stand up comedian Kenneth Sebastian talks about how truly middle class Indian people (like himself) face troubles in Indian Restaurants! Part of his latest stand up comedy special series #Insi...

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