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62 SNOW GEESE!!! INSANE Goose Hunting in Kansas!! 0    0

►Buy the DUX NXTGEN Duck Call here - (LIMITED QUANTITY) ►Check out Bobby's channel here - I drove all the way to Kansas in search of geese and oh boy ...

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SHOOTING 200 Pigeons!!! Kansas Pigeon Hunting 2017 0    0

I decided to change it up from goose hunting and try to kill some pigeons. This was my first time ever hunting pigeons and I am addicted! I have never had so much fun while hunting in my life! If you ...

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8 MAN LIMIT!!! EPIC Goose Hunting in Kansas 2017 0    0

►Get the sickest hunting gear here - By far the best day of goose hunting I have ever experienced! We shot snow geese, specklebelly geese and Canada geese! We decided to ditch...

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